What is 20SPARK?

We are a collective of results - oriented startup / early stage marketers.

Your startup has unique marketing needs. And these are probably different to mainstream 'marketing'.

Sure you need brand and presence, but now? Today? Is that the MOST important thing right now?

Or do you need "Product / Market Fit"? Or "Pre-customers"? Go to market strategy? Avatar definition? Market data?

Or a little of all of it?

The reality you know is that in early stage, money is tight, you're probably under-resourced, overstretched, everyone is trying to learn all the disciplines real-time and hitting the next funding round success criteria is fundamental to keeping the lights on.

It's exhausting. And that's where we come in.

We're your secret sauce. We'll cover determining the success criteria, and we can cover achieving them too. While you focus on core product.

This is interesting, right? Even better - we usually have skin in the game. We benefit from your success. We're 100% committed to your success.

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About You

Our Clients (or partners as we call them) are embarked on one of the hardest journeys of their lives - starting a High Growth business.

And right at the beginning is when it is hardest. You have to get the project off the ground, building solid foundations.

But the odds are against you. Your team will be small (but fabulous), you won't have the money or resources to have full role segmentation and so you will all be multi-tasking, part finance director / developer / engineer / tester / marketer / governance / fund raiser / advocate. It's exhausting.

All of it is essential, but for most early stage companies, achieving Product / Market Fit is critical to Series A / B funding.

And it is an interesting observation that the second part of this - the "Market" - is all too often overlooked. Innovators tend to be passionate about Product, but funding rungs on the ladder are usually fuelled by "market proof".

You focus on the Product, and we will focus on the Proof.

If this resonates with you, then we were made for each other. We should talk.

Let's get the party started...
  • Effective Strategies

    Most marketing agencies are used to brand building.

    But do they know how to deliver you 500 pre-customers in one unusual sector?

    Startup marketing is, or should be, different.

  • Results-Oriented

    We don't see you as a source of Client revenue. We see you as an investment.

    That's why we only take on 40% of the companies that approach us.

    Our goals are aligned to yours. Our success is joint. That's what makes the difference.

  • Authentic

    We are always open, honest and will always be straight with you. We want the same things - your success, not your fee income.

    So you can trust us to always say and do what is in your best interest, not ours.

    This is the 20SPARK difference.

Our Credo. Your Success.

Affordable Excellence

Our Operating Model means you can get that Startup Marketing expertise you need, even in Early Stage.

We understand Startups and Early Stage.

All of us have been involved in high growth startups. We know what it takes, and we know how to help.

We're in it with you, for the long haul.

We're at your side, straining every sinew, throughout your journey.

Polishing the Value Proposition

There's 'gold' buried in every startup, but only by keeping the message simple and targeted can you convert interest into customers.

Early stage companies know every facet and feature, benefit and application inside out.

But which do you build your campaign message on? Which resonates with your target audience best? How are you going to test and learn?

These tactics are vital to be sure that the efforts make to achieve Product / Market Fit are targeted, effective and yield results in the quickest way for the lowest cost.

This is what we do. It's all we do.

Let us do it with you.

Shall we get started?

Get in touch.

We'd love to chat. Tell us a little about your project and we'll let you know if we can help.

Every conversation is treated as strictly confidential and we can turn round an NDA in seconds.

Just give us 30 minutes for an initial chat and you might just find we are exactly what you are looking for.

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